Beaches near Bosa

Bosa has a beautiful beachside called Bosa Marina directly at his feet just 5 minutes from the city center. Here the water is calm and the sandy halfmoon beach is just what you need on a hot summer day to relax and get some fresh air. Ouside of Bosa there are also beaches worth a visit, especially in the high season when Bosa Marina gets a little crowded. Explore our little beach guide and find your private spot near the water.


North of Bosa:

S’abba druche – sweet water You can reach this sandy beach near Bosa by car following the road to Alghero (SP 49). You can drive down directly to the beach and park your car in the shade, restaurant, bar and washing facilities are available.



Cumpoltitu – Further ahead the road to Alghero you can find another even more private beach with white sand and turquoise water called “Cumpoltitu”. Just look out for the next parking lot where there is written ‘Cumpoltitu’ under the P for Parking. Leave your car here and follow the small path down to the beach. (recommended for kids not younger than 8, the path is stony and very steep, you might need both hands free).


Stintino ‘ La Pelosa’ – One of Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches is Stintino with its white caribbean beaches and the cristall water.Stintino -La Pelosa is situated in the north of Sardinia, worth a day trip from Bosa.



South of Bosa:

Santa Maria del Mare – Porto Alabe
Like pearls they line up one to another, the famous sandy beaches of Santa Maria del Mare and Porto Alabe. Just a few minutes away from Bosa you can find these more natural shaped bays, perfect for snorkling and fishing.