Bosa – Inside tips

Opening hours

During lunch time 1pm – 4pm almost all shops and bars in Bosa are closed. Big supermarkets remain open during the summer but usually everything goes in standby mode and takes a break from the heat.


Bosa restaurants offer very good an fresh meals. But be careful with cafes that offer menus, they don’t have the license to cook, so they only reheat in the microwave. If you don’t mind that you can find a great variety during lunch. Our inside tip for a quick fresh meal is Pizzeria Giovanni in Via Ginnasio (between Piazza Carmine and Piazza Gioberti). Here you can tell by the amount of people gathered at the entrance that this must be the best pizza to go.

Gas stations

If you have a car to travel to and through Bosa, you can chose between two gas stations. Prices are a bit higher than on the mainland but there is one difference: The so called Selfservice Discount! If you can wait until the gas station closes to fill up your tank, than you can save up to 0,06 Eurocent per liter. Selfservice applies when the gas station is closed, meaning no service is provided. So you just help yourself with the automtic payment machine and save also some Euros!

Fresh Water

There are many public sources of potable water in Bosa. If you want to save some money or just enjoy fresh water, grab an empty bottle and fill it up. The springs are a bit unimpressive, so just look out for a metal post with a water tab along the sidewalk. The water is fresh spring water and drinkable. Many Bosans prefer this fresh water instead of bottled-water.