Bosa – Sardinia

Castle Malaspina and Sa Costa

Castello Malaspina

Like a guardian the castle Malaspina looks over the city of Bosa. It is also the symbol of Bosa. The castle also called Castello Seravalle was built in 1200 by the genovese Count Malaspina. In the 13th and 15th century it grew under pisan and catalan influence. You can reach the castle best by taking the stairs on either side of Sa Costa (the district beneeth the castle). The stairs are quite steep and it take some breath to reach the top but once you’re there, it certainly pays off! A marvelous panoramic view on Bosa even on Bosa Marina and the sea on one side. On the other side you can see deep into the valley of the river Temo that runs through the city. If you’re interested in the city’s history you shouldn’t miss the small chappel inside the castle, called Nuestra Signora de ses Regnos Altos. It shows beautiful frescos on the walls from the 14th and 15th century. It is here were the September procession called Festa di Nostra Signora di Regnos Altos takes place – one of the most important events of Bosa. On your way down take a walk through the narrow alleys Sa Costa, the part of the city underneath the castle. Here you can find true sardinian life as you may know from old classic movies. Fresh sheets hung up across the street, the smell of fresh made tomato sauce and some laughter and chatting from children playing in the small atriums between the houses.

Our inside tip: If you visit Bosa with small children try to leave your stroller at your hotel and use one of the baby carriers alternatives. Otherwise you might ruin your strollers wheels in teh alleys or not even be able to get there.

Centro Storico Bosa

Piazza Fontana – Bosa

Just one block away from the riverside you can find the famous shopping mile called Corso Vittorio Emanuele. Once centre of the trade and artcrafts but still today people like to sit outside the cafes or stroll along the small boutiques. Bosa’s famous coral jewellery and the latest of Italian fashion. Take a break on Piazza Fontana and have a cappucino, watch the life in the streets and enjoy the Italian moment. At the very end of Corso Vittorio Emanuele is Piazza Monumento – the main square of the city, where at sunset when the air gets fresh kids come out to practice their bycicle skills, moms have chat with their friends…

Our inside tip: During high season the cafes on Piazza Fontana have bands play in the evenings, jazz and popmusic.

The river Temo

Bosa along river Temo

The famous bridge called Ponte Vecchio is one of the ways for crossing the river Temo. Caught on many pictures visitors take it has become a famous trademark for Bosa. Coming from the South and crossing the bridge you get a spectacular view of the cathedral of Bosa called Cattedrale Maria Immacolata, the historic centre Sa Costa and the castle Malaspina. Also here you will find the only traffic lights in Bosa. The river Temo is the only river in Sardinia on which ships can navigate. Along its banks streches the picturesque palm tree promenade, Via Lungo Temo (Alcide de Gasperi), and the historic tannery called Conce. The houses of Sas Conzas (Conce) always have been a motive on pictures and are protected by monument conservation. A particular event which takes place on the river itself is the Celebration of La Madonna del Mare. It takes place every first Sunday of August.

Weekly markets in Bosa

In our opinion the markets are also part of the sightseeing in Bosa. So visit the weekly market on Tuesday.